Equestrian Friends

A painting of our son Billy jumping with Glory Be


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Heatherly and Finnegan

Heatherly came with Mom for a horse show. She and Finnegan got a championship together.

Dawson and her Mom stayed with us when Dawson competed with Mr. Z at the Tryon International Equestrian Center. Dawson won first place in her class.

Dawson & Mr. Z

Lost July 16, 2014

We lost our beloved Sonny at 37 years old. There were many years of joy with him. He will remain in our hearts and memories forever.

Linda with Beach Boy, Christie and Kimberly with Lone Star and Chrissie and Barrett with Hunter stayed with us when participating in a horse show at FENCE.

Beach Boy, Lone Star & Hunter

March 27,1980 Š December 10, 2012

We recently lost our beloved April ( Vaquerous Ladybug) the name on her American Quarter Horse Association papers after almost 21 years with her. She was such a joyous part of our lives. We couldnÕt have asked for a better horse! The past few years my seven year old grandson has been riding her. April will be greatly missed, but will remain in our hearts and memories forever.

Ivey and her Mom stayed at the farm when she showed at F.E.N.C.E with her horse MiMi. They really had a great time and loved being so close to show grounds.


Glory Be

Grandson Will on Glory Be.

Granddaughters Vee and Lily on Ranger and Rusty in front of the barn.

Ranger and Rusty


Mary and Bruce with their horse Sarah

Farrier shoeing our sonÕs Percheron, Pearl.


Stillman & Andy

Anthony and Courtney with their horses Stillman and Andy. Also pictured are Baylor, Georgia, Clover and Virginia and holding Zipper. Zipper was our guest with Mom and Dad for a F.E.N.C.E horse show.

Alyssa and her family stayed with us while she was showing her thoroughbred Black at F.E.N.C.E.