Views of our Farm

Enjoying life around the farm.

An autumn sunset at Barking Fox Farm taken by our son Billy in October 2018.

Ruby and Bogy come back with Mom as friends to give the horses treats. This is Ruby visiting with Pearl.

Dawson showing Scout how she blows bubbles.

Barking Fox Farm on a rare snow day.

Our hens really enjoy eating marigolds in the summer. This is their garden.

Our grandson Will holding Blossom, one of the hens that provide eggs for guests.

Jesse loved this area so much that he talked Mom and Dad into moving here. Now they don’t visit as guests, they visit as friends.

Our son Billy riding his Percheron,
Pearl in our riding ring.

We are so lucky to have such a beautiful rainbow over our farm.

Rusty and Aubie in front of our house after a rare snow storm.

A flock of wild turkeys visiting in front of our house.

Barbara with Scout a gelding born on our farm.
Scout is turning 12 in 2014.

Some of our horses grazing near barn and guest cottages.

Canada geese visiting our pasture on their way through our area.

Relaxing view after an afternoon rain.

View of barn and guest cottage from our house.

This photo is of the front of our barn.
The barn contains 11 stalls.

Our granddaughters Vee and Lily standing with Ranger, a Tennessee Walking Horse near the barn.

Sonny, our 37 year old gelding enjoying the nice weather.

Our horses grazing on a lovely autumn day.